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New issue: focus on polyurethane coatings

In issue 7+8/2021 of the EUROPEAN COATINGS JOURNAL readers will find articles on technical innovations as well as market information on polyurethane coatings.

Polyurethane coatings are mainly used in industrial applications and currently they have a global market share of approximately 16 % of all coating systems. More information about the polyurethane coatings market can be found in a detailed market overview in issue 7+8/2021 of the EUROPEAN COATINGS JOURNAL.

Also, you will find a product overview on polyols for polyurethane wood coatings, an technical expert interview and a technical focus article on polyurethane coatings for direct food contact. Aside from polyurethanes you will also find articles on architectural coatings, pigment dispersions and mergers and acquisitions.

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