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Ideal Chemi Plast: New coating resins production facility

DIC Corporation announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Ideal Chemi Plast, based in the state of Maharashtra, India, has commenced the construction of a new coating resins production facility in the state’s Supa industrial area.

DIC has formulated a strategy for expanding the DIC Group’s presence in coating resins markets across Asia. The Indian market, a key target of this strategy, is projected to see annual growth in excess of 9%. With the aim of capturing local demand, in April 2019 DIC acquired Ideal Chemi Plast. With its existing coating resins production facility operating at full capacity ever since the acquisition, underpinned healthy demand, Ideal Chemi Plast recognised the need to swiftly augment capacity and purchased a site for a new facility in March 2021. Construction began in April this year.

Triple Ideal Chemi Plast’s production capacity

The new facility, which is expected to begin operating in July 2023, will triple Ideal Chemi Plast’s production capacity. According to the company, reactors will also allow local production of new environment-friendly products and products for the global market developed at DIC’s Polymer Technical Center Asia Pacific in Thailand. To ensure it operates in a manner that does not harm the environment, the facility will – as it is pointed out in a press announcement – install a Zero Liquid Discharge system, enabling it to treat all wastewater internally to produce clean water suitable for industrial use.

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