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Lactide-based polyester as coating with improved properties

Researchers have described the synthesis, analysis, and application of lactide-based polyester as a coating with improved mechanical and rheological behavior.

Lactide-based polyester resin was synthesised from diethylene glycol and phthalic anhydride with 20, 30, and 40% lactide compositions. The lactide was prepared from lactic acid and the polyester resin was functionalised with carbon–carbon crosslinking by polycondensation reaction. The resin was also characterised for acid values, hydroxyl values, and bio-based content. The bio-based content varied from 76 to 92% for variable composition of lactide in the resin.

Better properties

The performance of a mild steel specimen coated with the synthesised polyester was evaluated for mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact resistance, flexibility, scratch resistance, and adhesion test. It revealed that lactide-based polyester resin had better mechanical, rheological, and anticorrosive properties than simple polyester resins.

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