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Datacolor and Archroma enter into new partnership

Archroma has announced that the soon-to-be 5,760 colour references of its "Color Atlas" library are made available within its "Datacolor Tools" platform, an easy-to-use colour quality control application for industries where colour accuracy is a critical component of overall product quality.

The "Color Atlas" was launched in 2016 to provide fashion designers and stylists with off-the-shelf colour inspiration that can be implemented in production with just a few clicks,

Today, the "Color Atlas" contains 4,320 colours applicable on cotton poplin, almost the double compared to similar tools available to textile and fashion specialists. Archroma also just launched a similar tool with 1,440 colours on polyester. Both libraries will be available in the "Datacolor Tools" platform for colour searching.

"Match made in heaven"

“With this collaboration between Datacolor and Archroma, we bring the best two worlds: the software capability of the ‘Datacolor Tools’ platform combined with the colour inspiration and executable accuracy of the 5,760 colours available in 'Color Atlas' by Archroma”, explains Lisa Beck, Product Manager at Datacolor. “It’s a match made in heaven for those textile and fashion designers looking to expand their colour horizon and accelerate their speed to market”.

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