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Colourless cardanol based polyurethane coating

A current study presents a modified cardanol based colourless, transparent, hydrophobic and anti-corrosive polyurethane coating.

Despite having unique functional properties, renewable resourced cardanol based polymers have limited usage in industrial coatings because of its dark brown or red color after polymerisation. A current work reports the development of colourless, transparent, hydrophobic and corrosion resistant coating derived from cardanol 2,3-dihydroxy propyl ether (CPE) and modified with hydroxy-terminated polydimethylsiloxane (HTPDMS). CPE was synthesised to be used as a reactive aliphatic diol in forming polyurethane (CPU) and characterised. HTPDMS-CPU copolymers with multifunctional properties were prepared through copolymerisation of 5, 10, 15, 20 wt% HTPDMS and CPE.

Anti-corrosive property

HTPDMS-CPU coatings showed improved adhesion and hydrophobicity (>100°), enhanced transparency with easy readability underneath and a reasonable UV transmittance (92–96%). One distinct Tg and single phase surface morphology of HTPDMS10CPU and HTPDMS15CPU confirmed the good miscibility and compatibility of the system. Electrochemical Impedance Spectra (EIS), salt water immersion and salt spray studies revealed the anti-corrosive property of the copolymers with best performance at 10–15 wt% HTPDMS content. Thermogravimetric study showed almost no interference in thermal stability after the incorporation of HTPDMS into the system.

As the researchers poimt out, the development of HTPDMS-CPU co-polymeric multifunctional coatings represents a more effective pathway to achieve multi-functional coatings with desirable hydrophobic, anti-corrosive and improved thermal stability.

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