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Bio-based anti-corrosion coating material for mild steel

Scientists have prepared a highly efficient bio-based anti-corrosion coating material based on a reduced graphene oxide and epoxidised linseed oil nanocomposite.

The present work intended to develop linseed oil-based anti-corrosion nanocomposite coating material. In this context, an epoxy resin was prepared by the epoxidation of linseed oil (ELO). Curing agents (H1 and H2) were also prepared by the malenisation of linseed oil, and condensation of malenised linseed oil with diethylenetriamine. A simple eco-friendly method was employed for the reduction of graphene oxide using 10% sodium hydroxide solution.

Protection efficiency of 99.98%

The composite coating material was prepared by direct incorporation of the reduced graphene oxide (rGO) into the linseed oil without using any organic solvent. Electrochemical data indicated that the corrosion rate of mild steel is reduced to around 5000 times for the rGO-ELO-H2 system with protection efficiency of 99.98% and the exhibited stability up to 10 days in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution.

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