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Growth in the global paints and coatings market in Q3 2020

According to the B2B market research institute Chem Research, the global market for coatings and inks grew by +1 % on a volume basis in the third quarter of 2020 compared to 2019.

Compared to the previous quarter (Q2-2020), this represents an increase of + 9 %. Architectural coatings grew by + 6.5 %, while industrial coatings lost - 6.5 % compared to the previous year.

Strong demand in the DIY segment

The growth in architectural coatings is largely the result of strong demand in Europe and North America in the DIY segment. The industrial coatings market is not expected to recover until 2021.

Detailed information on the development of the market and the TOP global players can be found in the Chem-Research study "TOP 11 Global Paint and Coating Producers Quarterly Review".

Chem Research is a B2B market research and consulting institute specializing in paints & coatings, adhesives & sealants. Since 1991, it has been producing analyses and concepts as the basis for successful marketing strategies and sustainable business development.

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