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FEICA publishes leaflet "A safe future for polyurethane products"

The Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry (FEICA) leaflet "A safe future for polyurethane products" is now available in six European languages.

On 4 August 2020, a new restriction on diisocyanates was adopted by the European authorities under REACH. The FEICA Technical Working Group (TWG) PU Restriction created a leaflet titled 'a safe future for polyurethane products' explaining more about the restriction.The leaflets are also available in German, French, Polish, Italian and Spanish. It will soon be available in Dutch too.

Training required

All professional and industrial users of products with a total monomeric diisocyanate concentration of > 0.1% will need to be trained and certified by 24 August 2023 in how to handle products containing diisocyanates safely.

FEICA, in coordination with ISOPA and ALIPA, the diisocyanate manufacturers’ industry associations, is preparing training material for use by its members and by adhesive or sealant users. The association expects it to become available as of February 2022, early enough for all users of polyurethane (PU) products to be trained and certified by 24 August 2023. In addition, the legal requirements should appear on packaging as of 24 February 2022.

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