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Coating with superior anti-graffiti, anti-contamination and anti-adhesion properties

Scientists have developed new a multi-functional acrylic urethane coating with high hardness and low surface energy.

The newly-developed coating was synthesised by high glass transition temperature acrylic polyol and low-viscosity single-end-type silicone oil. The coating materials were chemically bonded and reacted with isocyanate to form acrylic urethane. The hardness, surface energy, colour difference value, and anti-adhesion properties were examined using nanoindentation, a contact angle analyser, a color difference meter, and a universal tensile test machine, respectively.

In addition, the degradation of the coating was evaluated using an accelerated weathering test, taking into account various degradation factors (UV, humidity, high temperature, and water). In general, the properties of the coating degraded due to the loss of silicone oil after the accelerated weathering test. However, the degradation was retarded when high acrylic polyol and low-viscosity single-end-type silicone oil were chemically bonded.

Useful in broad applications

The newly-developed multi-functional acrylic urethane coating exhibited long-term stability against an accelerated weathering test of 120 h. According to the developers, the developed coating will be useful in broad applications, including harsh environments such as underground walls, heritage, facilities, and subways.

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