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Akzo Nobel opens new R&D lab dedicated to low cure powder coatings

A new research center which is supposed to develop novel products for the growing area of powder on wood has been opened by Akzo Nobel at its site in Como, Italy.

The new R&D facility – which features an application lab, process lab, and analytical and testing lab – is dedicated to delivering low cure powder coatings for use on heat-sensitive substrates (such as MDF, plywood, thermoplastics and composites).

Its inauguration follows the recent acquisition of Stahl’s powder coatings activities, which gave Akzo Nobel access to a broad range of solutions, including unique UV technology. The Como center will now focus on developing an expanding portfolio of low cure solutions, including low bake, UV and ultra-low bake (ULB) powder technologies.

Expansion into powder on wood

“We’re excited to build on our global leadership position and enter new markets while bringing more surfaces to life for our customers,” explains Daniela Vlad, Director of Akzo Nobel’s Powder Coatings business. “In addition to strengthening our position as a technology leader, the new facility will also help to accelerate our speed to market so we can reach our customers even faster.”

She adds that this is only the first phase of the company’s expansion into powder on wood, with plans in place to open additional R&D centers in Asia and North America.

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