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A new epoxy acrylic self-crosslinking polymer in leather finishing

A new study examines the impact on occupational health of the use of polyaziridine in leather finishing compared with a new epoxy acrylic self-crosslinking polymer.

The leather industry needs innovative products to meet the continued demands of the global market. To achieve a good performance in the finishing operation, crosslinking of the polymers used in this leather production stage is necessary. These crosslinkers are irritating and harmful.

Avoiding the use of external crosslinkers

The study was based on the synthesis of functionalised acryl polymers with epoxy groups to improve the properties of the leather finishing to avoid the use of external crosslinkers so that consequently no harmful products for health and the environment are necessary.

Likewise, the affectation in the health of workers exposed to crosslinker has been investigated when the leather finish is carried out. To do this research, a clinical analysis has been carried out.

The study demonstrates a good performance finishing avoiding the use of crosslinkers.

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