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Providing Industrial Protective Coatings for [almost] Any Surface


          Industrial Protective Coatings Co., Ltd. (IPC) brings to every project for 22 years of accumulated expertise. IPC is an integrated coating company, with headquarters in Central Thailand and operational experience all over Thailand, and in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We are modest in our claims as we are always learning and innovating with new materials, new coating technologies and new methods. Still, we stand 100% behind our motto: “IPC is a company that delivers coating quality and customer service very few companies can”.

         Our people and our focus on excellence in all we do drive our success in delivering results - by being dedicated to solve any problems our customers may have, marketing intelligently and professionally, planning thoroughly, operating efficiently and responsibly, implementing the project plan while adapting it to the changing circumstances on-site, applying state of the art technologies and continuously improving our methods and tools.

          We are involved in virtually every facet of the coatings industry. We have particular expertise in concrete protection works such as decorative industrial flooring and highly chemical resistant laminate systems and ceramic brick floors, trenches and plinths. We have completed flooring and roofing projects up to a size of 40,000 square meters and nothing prevents us from executing larger project.

          But size is not everything. We believe that details matter, and they especially matter for smaller and specialised projects. We are very confident with our problem-solving competencies, based on extensive experience of our staff and the creative and innovative culture of our company.

Company Roots

          IPC was founded in 2002 in Chonburi on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. With strong back up from corrosion consultants and paint manufacturers in Germany, and effective professional industrial marketing, we were able to become one of the most visible and competent contractors in a very short time. Since then, we executed complex and technically demanding projects for blue chip end users from Hat Yai to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Company Root

          We are proud to count among our satisfied customers the “who and who” of Thai petrochemicals, global automotive companies, tire manufacturers, food and pharmaceuticals, and the list has been growing rapidly by word of mouth.

          Working repeatedly with the diverse and challenging demands of such reputed companies as PTT, BASF, and Esso; Michelin, Yokohama and Bridgestone, BMW, Ford and Mitsubishi Motors; Khmer Beer, Nestle, MK, and Pepsi Cola; Continental Tires, Hitachi, Saint-Gobain stimulated us to excel and grow.  

Demanding and Satisfied Domestic and International Customers


Environment, Community and Safety

          We care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which IPC is enabling our employees to safeguard it.

​          As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. We are proud of the voluntary community initiatives that IPC and its employees have participated in, using our professional competencies and coating and painting resources with local schools, parks, and beaches.

      Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off. In 2022, IPC achieved our safest year ever, setting new safety records in the days-away-from-work performance in both construction and maintenance operations.


          The tests we faced in 2021/2022, confirmed our strength and resilience, and our commitment to excellence.

          We never closed our operations for the COVID-19 pandemic, while diligently following all government lockdown rules and prevention protocols. We introduced an employee-friendly rotation system, at 75% of full salary, at home, on call, when we had to very briefly reduce projects’ work in March and April, while keeping all employees.  

          We have continued to consolidate our position with improvements to our management systems, project cost control, QC procedures and staff certification.

           To the surprise of customers and suppliers, our 2024 6-months’ financial performance indicators significantly exceeded the results of 2023. This was achieved not by opportunistically raising prices, but by direct cost savings, reduction of maintenance and periodic repairs because of improved quality, and very careful management of overhead costs.

Our Care and Resilience

Our Care

Our Vision and Future Plans

          The founders and leaders of IPC strongly believe that IPC is on the right track.

          We are a better, smarter, more dynamic and agile enterprise than we ever been, and our human capital (competencies and culture) and social capital (reputation) are the solid base for becoming even better.

          Our forecasts for 2024 are very optimistic, possibly exceeding the performance in 2023 by 30% in revenues and setting our own record in profitability. We are also in the process of increasingly our operational capacity by 25% and upgrading our project level competencies with future-oriented hiring and thorough hands-on training in technologies, material, and methods, led by motivated and competent managers, strongly supported by digital tools.

           We are looking for new challenges in innovative and improved materials, broader scope of services and international markets.

           Thought is given to an industrial park setting of IPC’s activities and more agile and effective modular deployment accommodations for our application teams. With all these exciting opportunities we are considering, we are still staying away from claims of being “the best in Thailand” or “the leading company in Asia,” and similar marketing narratives.  

Our Vision

          We know that we must keep on running as fast (and smart) as we can, just to continue to live to our motto: “IPC is a company that delivers coating quality and customer service very few companies can”.


May your day be filled with passion!

Kai Kohlmorgen

CEO and Founder

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